Obvious, A High Visibility Cycling Band

Obvious, A High Visibility Cycling Band

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The Start I commute to and from work every day on my bike. My commute home after work, especially in winter, is a pretty dark one. I have multiple lights on my bike but I need another layer of visibility that is obvious but could also work with whatever non-specialized clothing I am wearing. I searched for some tasteful high visibility gear but didn't find much — so I got to work designing, prototyping, and finally settling on this version.

Sizing The band that I'm wearing in the photo is 65" long and 1.5" wide. It fits me whether I'm cycling with or without a backpack. For context, my torso (collar bone to waist) measures 19". I make each one individually by hand in my studio and can customize it to whichever length is most useful to you.

Questions Feel free to sling them my way at hi@hoydbreton.studio

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